Episode 29 – Pokemon Adventures

The Bloobcast try to be the very best like no one ever was and take a look at the Manga series Pokemon Adventures They discuss how the Manga adapts the games for its story, comparisons to the Pokemon anime, the series pop culture explosion in the late 90’s, tackling darker themes while remaining kid friendly,Continue reading “Episode 29 – Pokemon Adventures”

Episode 26 – Kingdom Hearts

The Bloobcast close to door to darkness and take a look at the bizarre melding of Final Fantasy and Disney – Kingdom Hearts! They discuss the franchises fascinating origins, the weighty hack and slash combat, the awesomeness of having a key as a weapon, the beautiful soundtrack, and the time when Winnie the Pooh gotContinue reading “Episode 26 – Kingdom Hearts”

Episode 16 – Resident Evil 2

For this year’s spooktacular Halloween special, the Bloobcast take a look at Rob’s favourite PS1 game of all time – Resident Evil 2! They discuss the unique zapping system, giant crocodiles, comparisons to Dawn of the Dead, the 2019 remake, the game’s unsettling body horror themes, the soundtrack, and the terror of being stalked byContinue reading “Episode 16 – Resident Evil 2”

Episode 15 – She Ra and the Princesses of Power

The Bloobcast tackle a more recent show as they take a look at Netflix’s “She Ra and the Princesses of Power” They discuss how the show divorces itself from its origins as a literal sister series to He Man, comparisons to shows they grew up with, the show’s melding of science fiction and fantasy elements,Continue reading “Episode 15 – She Ra and the Princesses of Power”