Episode 25 – ReBoot

WARNING: INCOMING BLOOB! For their 25th episode, the Bloobcast take a trip to Mainframe for a look at Rob’s all time favourite TV show – the 90’s CGI Cyberpunk series ReBoot! They discuss the show’s evolution from Saturday morning cartoon to serialised epic, the strong storytelling, battles with broadcast standards the episode that lead toContinue reading “Episode 25 – ReBoot”

Episode 24 – Redwall

The Bloobcast delve into one of James’ childhood favourites – The first book in Brian Jaques anthropomorphic adventure series Redwall. They discuss different adaptations of the book, children’s media tackling more mature subjects and themes, the series potential influences, debate its placement within the fantasy genre, and James makes another comparison to Paradise Lost.

Episode 10 – The Simpsons (Season 5)

(Originally Uploaded 24th April 2021) The Bloobcast open a fresh box of donuts and reminisce about arguably the best season of the classic animated sitcom The Simpsons. They discuss how The Simpsons constructs jokes, it’s many pop culture references, the show’s impact and relevance during its heyday, box factories, Malibu Stacey’s new hat, and FreeContinue reading “Episode 10 – The Simpsons (Season 5)”

Episode 4 – Batman The Animated Series (Halloween Special)

(Originally Uploaded 31st October 2020) They are vengeance… they are the night… they are Bloobcast! This Halloween, the Bloobcast revisits the highly acclaimed Batman: The Animated Series. They discuss how the show pushed the envelope for what children’s shows were able to do, the gothic atmosphere, the tragic villains, the distinctive Art Deco stylings, andContinue reading “Episode 4 – Batman The Animated Series (Halloween Special)”

Episode 2: Beast Wars

(Originally uploaded 13th Sepember 2020) The Bloobcast return to discuss the 90’s CGI gem Beast Wars: Transformers. They discuss how it was more than a show to sell toys, comparisons to 2001: A Space Odyssey, bizarre Canadian name changes, the difficulties trying to watch the show in the UK, and the link between the universesContinue reading “Episode 2: Beast Wars”

Episode 1 – Samurai Jack

(Originally uploaded on 16th August 2020) The Bloobcast battles a heatwave (and Euan’s internet issues) to bring you the first episode of their podcast where they discuss the hit 2000’s Cartoon Network Series Samurai Jack. They discuss (amongst other things) their favourite episodes, the upcoming Samurai Jack video game, the show’s distinct look and style,Continue reading “Episode 1 – Samurai Jack”