Episode 31 – Captain Scarlet

The Bloobcast welcome their new co host Joe to kick off 2023 with a look at Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s darkest puppet series – Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons. They discuss the sinister nature and violence of the show, the more realistic puppets, Colonel White’s disdain for the title character, comparisons to the War onContinue reading “Episode 31 – Captain Scarlet”

Episode 25 – ReBoot

WARNING: INCOMING BLOOB! For their 25th episode, the Bloobcast take a trip to Mainframe for a look at Rob’s all time favourite TV show – the 90’s CGI Cyberpunk series ReBoot! They discuss the show’s evolution from Saturday morning cartoon to serialised epic, the strong storytelling, battles with broadcast standards the episode that lead toContinue reading “Episode 25 – ReBoot”

Episode 22 – Power Rangers RPM

The Bloobcast tackle their first listener request and take a look at the 2009 season of Power Rangers – the post apocalyptic Power Rangers RPM. They discuss how this season came about, similarities to Mad Max and Terminator, it’s self aware sense of humour, comparisons to other seasons of the show, it’s cast going onContinue reading “Episode 22 – Power Rangers RPM”

Episode 20 – Stingray

STAND BY FOR BLOOBCAST! The Bloobcast return to the world of Supermarionation with Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s 1964 gem Stingray. They discuss its strong pulp adventure serial vibes, why James prefers it to Thunderbirds, some of the several notable episodes, whether Troy should get with Atlanta or Marina, the 1980’s compilation films, and Rob’s childhoodContinue reading “Episode 20 – Stingray”

Episode 8 – Thunderbirds

(Originally Uploaded 27th February 2021) BLOOBCAST IS GO! This time, the Bloobcast delve into the 1965 Supermarionation classic, Thunderbirds. They discuss the show’s 1960’s vision of the future, memories of playing with the toys, why Virgil is the best Tracy brother, The Hood being a useless criminal mastermind, speculate as to why John was leftContinue reading “Episode 8 – Thunderbirds”