Episode 17 – Fallout

The Bloobcast venture out into the wasteland and tackle Black Isle Studios classic 1997 game Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game! They discuss comparisons to table top role playing games, the insane violence, the sense of humour, naming your characters silly names, the stop motion character animations, why Tony Jay is the best, andContinue reading “Episode 17 – Fallout”

Episode 16 – Resident Evil 2

For this year’s spooktacular Halloween special, the Bloobcast take a look at Rob’s favourite PS1 game of all time – Resident Evil 2! They discuss the unique zapping system, giant crocodiles, comparisons to Dawn of the Dead, the 2019 remake, the game’s unsettling body horror themes, the soundtrack, and the terror of being stalked byContinue reading “Episode 16 – Resident Evil 2”

Episode 15 – She Ra and the Princesses of Power

The Bloobcast tackle a more recent show as they take a look at Netflix’s “She Ra and the Princesses of Power” They discuss how the show divorces itself from its origins as a literal sister series to He Man, comparisons to shows they grew up with, the show’s melding of science fiction and fantasy elements,Continue reading “Episode 15 – She Ra and the Princesses of Power”

Episode 14 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Bloobcast delve into the gritty comic book roots of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles They discuss parallels to Daredevil, the distinctive artwork, how the comics were adapted for the first live action movie, the absurdity of naming your evil Ninja organisation “The Foot”, the whole UK “Hero Turtles” debacle, and the dodgy direct toContinue reading “Episode 14 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”

Episode 13 – Tomb Raider

The Bloobcast take a look back at Lara Croft’s spectacular debut, 1996’s Tomb Raider. They discuss how Lara became a mascot for both the PS1 and gaming in general, the games sense of atmosphere, Segata Sanshiro, it’s unique depiction of Atlantis, and the time when David Hasslehoff and Ecco the Dolphin teamed up to teachContinue reading “Episode 13 – Tomb Raider”

Episode 10 – The Simpsons (Season 5)

(Originally Uploaded 24th April 2021) The Bloobcast open a fresh box of donuts and reminisce about arguably the best season of the classic animated sitcom The Simpsons. They discuss how The Simpsons constructs jokes, it’s many pop culture references, the show’s impact and relevance during its heyday, box factories, Malibu Stacey’s new hat, and FreeContinue reading “Episode 10 – The Simpsons (Season 5)”

Episode 9 – Scott Pilgrim

(Originally Uploaded 21st March 2021) The Bloobcast tackle a comic series for the first time as they delve into Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim. They discuss the comic’s video game inspired universe, it’s themes of growing up and accepting the past, psychic vegans, how the comic could potentially be adapted into an animated series, MichaelContinue reading “Episode 9 – Scott Pilgrim”

Episode 8 – Thunderbirds

(Originally Uploaded 27th February 2021) BLOOBCAST IS GO! This time, the Bloobcast delve into the 1965 Supermarionation classic, Thunderbirds. They discuss the show’s 1960’s vision of the future, memories of playing with the toys, why Virgil is the best Tracy brother, The Hood being a useless criminal mastermind, speculate as to why John was leftContinue reading “Episode 8 – Thunderbirds”